Welcome to Lake Ridge Community Swim Club

Lake Ridge Community Swim Club Labor Day 5K

The LRCSC Labor Day 5K Run/Walk was held on August 30, 2014.
Pictures of the event are available HERE.
Click HERE for Run/Walk result details.

Lake Ridge Community Swim Club Open House

The Lake Ridge Community Swim Club will host an Open House on Saturday, May 17th

The event will be at the swim club, 12640 Harbor Drive Woodbridge, VA 22192.

We will be accepting club membership as well as having a Lake Ridge Lancers Swim team representative on site to accept membership for any swim team participants.

October 23, 2013    Board Meeting at 7:30 pm.

April 24, 2013 Meeting Minutes click here

February 12, 2013

The LRCSC has been busy over these past few winter months and would like to share some of the most recent highlights:
- A new family membership referral incentive program. Receive a $25 guest book for each new family membership you refer to LRCSC. Click HERE for details.
- A signed contract between the Lake Ridge Lancer Swim Team and the LRCSC
- Titan Pool Management will be our new pool company is expected to save LRCSC an estimated $10,000 annually
- LRCSC has embraced electronic communications and will continue to deliver pool information and board activities on a regular basis
- Membership applications were sent out, please return as soon as possible
- New Treasurer Michele Geeen and new Secretary Cynthia Gibson continue to manage the finances. A financial status of the pool will be shared in a separate communication.
- LRCSC has begun exploring different advertising options in order increase its membership

Fence Status:
- We will be ordering pieces needed to repair our fence damaged in the storm last year ourselves. So we will be looking for volunteers with fence repair experience to assist on our clean up day. Look for dates on upcoming email.

We will continue to keep you informed. If you have questions, please contact the board at LRCSC_Board@yahoo.com

August 9, 2012

The LRCSC is looking into securing a flag or sign (perhaps green for open and red for closed in the event of inclement weather, etc.) that will be placed next to the LRCSC sign in the parking lot and a smaller one next to the gate. This would keep us from unloading an SUV full of young occupants and their pool necessities and walking all the way to the pool, only to discover that the gates are locked.
If you have ideas or the expertise to provide such a flag or sign, please contact one if the Board members by email so we can discuss it at one of our meetings in time to have them up for our Memorial Day 2013 opening.

Patty and the LRCSC Board

August 3, 2012

The LRCSC has responded to the voice of its members and invited The Lancers Swim Team to a dual board meeting to negotiate a win/win contract for the upcoming season.
We have discovered through this experience, as unsettling as it has been for all concerned, that there is an excellent opportunity to show our children what good sportsmanship looks like and what can be done when communication and compromise occur.
Many of our concerns have been typical of hosting pools - use of the lanes during common use time, delayed opening on days of swim meets, etc. There have been several issues that the swim team has resolved this season for which we are very appreciative. We are hoping to move forward from this point and work together to negotiate a contract that meets both the needs of the Swim Team and Swim Club.
The growth of the team has less to do with the number of swimmers than with the demands on pool facilities to accommodate them. Stephanie Schaefer and Stan Bonta, both club and team members, have been instrumental in their efforts to bring us together. We are confident it can be amicably resolved.

We have learned the value of constant communication and have taken steps to involve the general membership more directly. You will see agendas and minutes of each meeting posted online, for starters. In every crisis, there is an opportunity to learn and grow. We have learned alot and will do all we can to make this work for everyone.

Thank you for your emails and phone calls. We are looking forward to moving on in partnership with the Swim Team.